Purpose: What the heck is it?

Your journey begins, when excuses end!

The calling……I guess

Snapchat-1314208948Have you ever wondered about that empty place that occupied your heart….even when you seem to have it all? I did…..very often. The day this picture was taken….an epiphany surfaced. I came to realize that this space was my life’s purpose…..unfulfilled.

Question after question has filled my head during times when the focus should have been else where. I needed to find my purpose. But, what the heck is it? I still do not have exact answers, however this blog is definitely a part of it. I never thought about starting a blog, so the nagging feeling to do so was baffling. Well, I’m here and ready to start this journey. Whatever the purpose of being here, I hope to help others on their journeys as well. #firstblogpost #purpose

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