Over and Done: When Loyalty Ends!

tierra and meThere is something to be said about a “loyal” person. As a loyal person, you are expected to withstand disloyalty and still give other people 100 percent of your loyalty. As a loyal person, you are expected to forgive and forget. As a loyal person, you are the last person considered for any accolades. When does loyalty end?

A few years ago my answer would have been astoundingly different. I considered loyalty to be the top character trait that I looked for in people. You live and learn right? The importance of loyalty and the definition of loyalty has become subjective over time. I often questioned why I felt like I was getting the short end of the stick. It was not just a feeling, it was my reality.

I decided that the definition of loyalty is situational. There are always going to be more than one reaction to an action.  Loyalty is providing what is needed in that particular situation with the hopeful outcome of success. Knowing this, my circle has changed overtime. I realized that I do not need “yes” people in my life. I am self-motivated, and I do not need external motivation. People in my life hold value in different ways. Loyal friends and family will continue to cheer you on, as long you are on a path towards success.  I do not consider it an act of  loyalty when someone cheers you on as you are headed toward disaster, without first acknowledging the catastrophic outcome.

So, when does loyalty end? It doesn’t. As I continue to grow as a person, loyalty continues to change its purpose in my life. Being taken advantage of, is not a way to prove loyalty. It is a way to be manipulated and unhappy. Remaining loyal means that you advocate for the success of a person or idea. I have been fortunate enough to have a support system that is the epitome of loyalty. Are you loyal? Are the people in your circle loyal to you?


Signing Out,

The Melanin Educator

1 thought on “Over and Done: When Loyalty Ends!”

  1. Very well said….it’s very hard to find people that are loyal these days as well as true friends. Over the course of our 17 yr friendship we’ve learned that not only everyone we thought was our friend was not but we’ve also learned they weren’t loyal to us! First off if you can be loyal & 100% with yourself how can you be loyal & 100% with other people?? As you said “you live & you learn!”

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