Conditional Love……..I Love You……As Long As You…….


As a young child I quickly realized that love seemed to be complicated. This concept was baffling to my young mind. Eventually, I adapted to these conditional practices and began to make choices that would make others love me. I was aware that this was different for each person in my life. This love quest continued well into adulthood. As an adult I realized that this was a never ending cycle that led to unhappiness. It was draining and honestly pointless. People love at their own will. At this time I began my pursuit of happiness.


I constantly hear the phrase “I love everyone”. This comment has so many meanings, but it essentially means that you do not wish any harm to anyone. This is not the love we seek as children or as adults. It would be misleading to say that love is completely unconditional. There are factors that hinder us from loving another person, and rightfully so. Though I may not hate anyone, it does not mean love is present. There may be tolerance, but our love changes as we evolve.  


At this point in my life, I have evolved and so has my love. I have faced adversity living my truth. There has been incidents along the way, that led me to the realization that everyone does not have my best interests at heart. Family is supposed to love you UNCONDITIONALLY right?….. This is not my experience. Some people love you for what you can do for them. Others love you because you are who you are. My discernment has allowed me to decipher between the two. I am thankful for this gift, because it protects my energy.


Final thought, expectations of love are relevant to the person and their practices. You cannot make anyone love you, so live your truth. If there is unconditional love present, you will know. The only unconditional love that is controlled is your own.


Signing Out,

The Melanin Educator




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